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The new building of MoMA Warsaw – yes or no?

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw – or what I like to call “MoMA Warsaw,” though its actual shorthand is MSN (Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej) – has a new building under construction. That building is located in Plac Defilad, slap in the middle of central Warsaw. Plac Defilad, meaning ‘Parade Grounds’, is a communist urban fossil created in 1955 as a central square in Warsaw for the purpose…

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Snooper’s Paradise stuff

I’m not a fan of Snooper’s Paradise. I never was. But I go there from time to time, to see what’s new, to see what’s being sold and get some food for my eyes – searching for inspiration and whatnot, things like that. Snooper’s Paradise is a pretty well-known shop in Kensington Gardens, a very narrow and usually overcrowded pedestrian street in Brighton, in North Laine. I hate…

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Couvent de la Tourette near Lyon

Just what it says on the tin – long story short, I was in a boring lecture on the first Friday of the term (and of 2023 as well) and I was surfing the web, then an ad popped up advertising cheap flights within Europe, so I started looking. There still are many countries in Europe that I haven’t been to, and after searching for the best deals…

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I turned 25 – 2023 is here (duh)

Yeah, I know, surprise! As I’m writing this, it’s just past 10pm and I’m sitting on a Southern train to Brighton from East Croydon. I spent the last two weeks in Poland, mostly chilling at home, buying books, drinking coffee with various people in various places, and marvelling at how brown, grey, and yet still very intense everything looked back in Torun. Warsaw, where I arrived on Friday,…

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My greatest success

As I sit down in the Jubilee Library to write this post, WordPress prompts me: “What is your favourite cartoon?” Dude, what does this have to do with my greatest success? But, to be fair, what I am going to write about has a little to do with cartoons. Because living in Brighton can feel a bit cartoonish sometimes. And my greatest success in life is getting to…

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Keep It Weird 2023 – Planner Cover

If I were to design a calendar planner cover, it’d be weird. And it might just about look like the one below – one of the two versions, depending on how much semi-rainbows you need in your life. Enjoy!

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Very rainy weekend

I’m sitting at the kitchen table (yes! we have a great table in our kitchen, right by a huge window overlooking our garden palm and our sunny deck and all the neighbouring gardens – I love my current flat so much), determined to write and post a post because I’ve been irregular with my writing in the recent months. This is why I won’t be renewing my premium…

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Realm of Magic – screenshots

Beware – this is a Sims-related post. I bought the Realm of Magic Game Pack for The Sims 4 a while ago, I think I still lived in the Varley Park flat on the outskirts of Brighton so it’s been several months, but I never ventured into the Realm of Magic in-game until last week. I used Glimmerbrook a couple of times for builds because it’s a very…

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I’m kotersey. I have an undergraduate degree in human geography and a postgraduate degree in history of design and material culture.
I write, draw cartoons, make questionable quality graphics, and design postcards. I’ve been blogging since 2007.
I’ve also worked as a gardener, mobile sandwich salesgirl, barista, hog roast truck staff, souvenir shop assistant, waitress, takeaway delivery courier, summer camp counselor, trained to be a teacher, and interned at a real magazine.
My favourite place is Brighton, England.

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