I’m back in Brighton

No posts in August! Thought I’d update you on my life situation since I’ve not posted for five weeks. And that’s a long time for me not to write anything for the public, it seems.

It’s September 4th, Sunday, and on Friday the 2nd I had my first day on the PGCE course I enrolled in back in July. I realised that I really wanted to go back and live in Brighton, at least for another year, so I withdrew from the York course and reapplied to universities near Brighton (Brighton, Sussex, and Portsmouth). Because Sussex had already interviewed me all the way back in January, after a short phone conversation they offered me the place again, unconditionally. So, of course, I took it up!

What followed was filling out a bunch of questionnaires and forms, like, the DBS check, health check, and, best of all, I had to pass a GCSE Maths equivalency test because I never took GCSEs. So I did that on my penultimate weekend in Edinburgh and got results really quickly, three days later. I got 98% which amounted to a grade 7, which was good enough. At last, the final requirement was passed!

So exactly a week ago I arrived back in Brighton – I took the train from Edinburgh Waverley down to Brighton, through London King’s Cross/St Pancras – and moved into my new headquarters, which is absolutely lovely. I’m telling you, it’s lovely. There’s a wonderful garden and a deck and a cat and it’s cosy and my room is spacious and I have a plant and my room overlooks the garden and it’s quiet here but super close to a main shopping street and the cinema. I actually went to the cinema yesterday with an old friend from Sixth Form, we saw the independent Iranian film Hit the Road. (What do you think the son had done?)

Tomorrow is my first day of the three-week course induction where we learn the basics of… well, the basics of what we need to know before we start our school placements. And in three weeks I start my school placement number one. (We have two placements throughout the year). It’s a one-year-long course and dude, I’m stoked.

By the way, in three and a half months this blog will be five years old. Five! That’s more than a newborn. Five’s not a long time but I’m glad I’ve managed to keep something like this going for this amount of time. It’s fun and I like it, and I’m thankful to you all for reading and subscribing to kotersey.

Anyway, that’s the update from me. Greetings from Brighton and if you’re ever in the area, give me a heads up and we’ll get iced flat whites together.

Oh, I almost totally forgot. About a month ago I watched Outer Banks for the first time and I’m rewatching it now for the fourth time. Let me know who your favourite character is, because we all know who the best character is (it’s JJ).

Brighton beach, eastern side of the Palace Pier, last Friday night. I went for an evening swim in the sea and it was everything I ever wanted xxxx
Falmer House, one of the first buildings you see when you visit the University of Sussex campus in Falmer near Brighton. Shot taken on September 2nd, too! Right before my first class.

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Graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First in geography, and from the University of Brighton with a Master's in history of design and material culture. Probably drinking iced coffee and thinking about buildings.

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