The Goth-Elderberry twins [The Sims 4]

You know that moment when a totally random townie walks into your Sim family’s house and acts as if they were at their own home, while in your mind these two households live in totally separate universes? I bet you do, and I know I do. That thing happened, for example, when Cassandra Goth came back home from school and brought with her Rohan Elderberry of Britechester and Sofia Bjergsen of Windenburg. Different families, different towns, different timelines. Unless…

Unexpected encounters

One of the things I like about The Sims games is that you get to exercise your creativity. You come up with storylines when you create a family in CAS, and you come up with them on the spot when unexpected things happen in your game. You go with the flow, taking clues from the in-game environment and the random interactions that happen between the Sims in your gameplay. And so I took that random visit of Rohan and Sofia and eventually that relationship turned into a “Rock Band” of the high school that they go to. (I believe that the actual school building was placed in Windenburg, but somehow it makes more sense in my mind that they went to school in Britechester – particularly because Rohan’s storyline indicates that he moved to Britechester to be close to better education opportunities… but I don’t think it really matters at the moment).

The band rehearsed mostly at school and at the Goths’ house, since it had room and the musical instruments required for practice. Music brought Sofia and Cassandra together, and Rohan was an addition that just padded the band initially, but it made sense to me to keep Rohan and make him into a foreground character in the Goths’ story. Actually, some of it was thanks to the random pregnancy mod I had downloaded (sorry, I can’t check who was the modder at the moment! no access to my Sims PC). Cassandra and Rowan fell in their first loves with each other and it just happened, thanks to the randomness installed by the mod, that Cassandra had become pregnant before she graduated from high school.

Cassandra moves to Britechester

Of course, a teenage girl without a high school diploma was a bit of a nuisance, but Rohan’s grandparents were so loving and family-oriented that they allowed Rohan and Cassandra to build their family home in the Elderberries’ townhouse in Britechester. The house had three floors, so there was more than enough room for everybody. Rohan had kept the attic as his ‘territory’, and the grandparents kept their bedroom/office on the first floor. The big living room/dining area on the ground floor became the centre of family life, with the spacious dining table, the fireplace, and the kitchen right next door, where homemade recipes were prepared to the highest standards thanks to Grandma’s Cookbook (Grannies Cookbook by Littlbowbub, which I found out about thanks to OshinSims), which contained foolproof recipes passed down in the Elderberry family. Even Cassandra could make these recipes, and it’s not like she cooked a lot when she lived with Bella, Mortimer, and Alexander in Willow Creek. (Remember that Mortimer was a cooking aficionado – remember his skill level in The Sims 2?)

The Goth-Elderberry twins

Cassandra and Rohan ended up having twins – and this was not by my doing! Totally random game decision, I swear to you. And I don’t know about you, but I always try to make my newborn Sims’ names make sense.
Rohan’s grandparents are named Eleanore and Ekram. Most likely, Ekram and Rohan are both names of Indian origin. So, I thought I would look into Indian names, explaining it by that Cassandra grew to love Eleanore and Ekram so much for their generosity that she wanted to continue their family’s traditions. So Cassandra and Rohan’s twins – a girl and a boy – were eventually named Roshni (girl) and Arnav (boy). They were born when Cassandra and Rohan were 18 years old, and now the twins are 8, almost 9 years old.

The storyline is this: Cassandra didn’t go to university, as she is continually working on her music career. She’s a performer and spends most evenings playing music in venues across the Sim world. She’s not a hugely popular performer, so she’s nothing like the celebrities of Del Sol Valley. Meanwhile, Rohan went to Britechester University to study literature and he graduated with distinction. Eleanore and Ekram were incredibly helpful to both young parents when it comes to childcare, as the (great)grandparents had lots of time on their hands, being retired. There is no doubt that E&E played a crucial role in Cassandra and Rohan becoming successful in their respective fields by giving them the time to improve and supporting them financially by letting them live rent-free in their Britechester house.

Rohan loves sharing his love for books with Arnav, who has really taken to all sorts of books – and the family library always has something for Arnav to explore! Roshni, on the other hand, loves spending time with Cassandra and watching her rehearse for her music performances. She also loves throwing pyjama parties for her friends from school, and everyone participates then – Arnav and Roshni have a big, common circle of friends.

Lately, Eleanore and Ekram died from old age. But Roshni and Arnav got to spend a great deal of time with their great-grandparents and they will never forget it!


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