The UB1 bus is notoriously late

So here I am again, at the St Peters House University of Brighton Library, at 8.23pm on a Monday morning. I left exactly the same building just an hour and a half earlier, with the intention to go to Aldi and buy a cucumber before getting the bus home at 7.30pm from The Level. Oh,Continue reading “The UB1 bus is notoriously late”


Toilet gender signs

There was a conversation a few weeks ago on some Facebook group I’m in, I think it was the “International meme exchange” one. It was simply some person saying that they hadn’t known that not all countries use the triangle and circle icons to differentiate between toilets for males and females. I found myself surprisedContinue reading “Toilet gender signs”

We’re talking numbers

Today I want to let you know just how much you mean to me – you, my readers – and this time we’re talking numbers. I got an unusual email in my inbox yesterday – unusual because one, I was not expecting it, and two, because it’s this kind of email that you get onlyContinue reading “We’re talking numbers”

Expectations and reality of postgraduate study

I’m not here to disappoint you by failing to provide yet another poor quality cartoon drawn by hand on the back side of a reused paper sheet. I don’t know why Squid Game was released when it was released, but I know that its release – and immediate rise to popularity – coincided with meContinue reading “Expectations and reality of postgraduate study”