I got The Sims 4: City Living! Welcome Estera

City Living was the third expansion pack to The Sims 4, released back in 2016. I know this was a while ago, but I only recently started catching up with the Simmies. (More than) four years late, I finally got this one – it joined Eco Lifestyle, which I got in June, and last week I also bought Island Living. And for me, as a geographer, it’s been incredibly fascinating to play.

I know that games simplify lots of things, use tons of tropes, and are made brighter and more fun than reality to get people to buy them. But the idea of the city that we get in The Sims is very, very appealing.

The city is fun, laid-back, and we get terrific views from our penthouse window at all times of day. Dusk, midday, dawn, the view is always stunning. That was the first thing I noticed when I moved into San Myshuno with my Sim named Estera Paris.

Stunning sunset from my penthouse in San Myshuno.

She rapidly made friends with her neighbours. And more neighbours. And more more neighbours. And, interestingly, all of her neighbours seem to come from the Near East, Middle East, or Far East. The city’s very multicultural. The only white people in the city (except for Estera) seem to come from the suburbs, like Willow Creek or Evergreen Harbor.

Art critics at work.

Estera quickly got to hang out exclusively with the coolest folks in town. At a karaoke club, she met her boyfriend – of lately, a husband and father of her daughter Tamara (named after Tamara Łempicka, because I couldn’t think of anything else) – Akira Kibo, who’s a tech guru from Japan. They used to go on late night dates blowing bubbles with their friends, including Bella Goth of Goth Mansion.

You and your friends can enjoy all the bubbles using this colourful Bubble Machina.

Their favourite activity, however, would be going to the GeekCon (Akira) and the Humor and Hijinks Festival (Estera). Both festivals had

The Humor and Hijinks Festival in San Myshuno. Of course, the finale included a firework show.
Drinking this mysterious substance symbolised my Sim joining the Comedy team at the Humor and Hijinks Festival.

Estera never shied away from Mischief, however at the Humor and Hijinks Festival she always joined the Comedians. Even though her clothes were predominantly grey. Still, she preferred pure laughs to evil jokes – she’s just kind-spirited.

Of course, there’s graffiti. Weirdly, only on the pavements.

Tamara rarely ate meals at home. She usually grabbed something to eat at one of the food stalls just outside her apartment block. It was tasty, accessible, and cheap. But since her and Akira moved in together and had a baby, they switched to cooking meals at home. (They probably would use HelloFresh in the real world. They are this cool).

My Sim was rather disappointed the only food available at the GeekCon was junk.

Estera is the alternative me; I wish I was this cool. Also, I don’t live in San Myshuno which always has sunny weather. But this could be fixed if I got the Seasons expansion pack. I won’t get it, though, because I already bought Island Living, and buying three packs in two weeks is just a tad too excessive.

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Graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First in geography, and from the University of Brighton with a Master's in history of design and material culture. Probably drinking iced coffee and thinking about buildings.

2 thoughts on “I got The Sims 4: City Living! Welcome Estera

  1. You’ve NEVER played Sims?? Even at someone else’s house?? I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who’s never played Sims haha! Well, if you come across an opportunity to give it a go, I’d give it a go – unless you easily get addicted to stuff like that, because if you get attached to a Sim family, it can take up a lot of your time haha… I think a while ago you were able to download some Sims games for free from the official EA (producers) website, they might do something like that again in the future.
    I’ve played The Sims since ~2006, and spent a lot of time on The Sims 2 in particular. The Sims 4, I’m slowly catching up with the expansion packs, but it’s taking time – though I buy them… for research purposes.


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